The pros & cons of using voice input IVR automation to capture booking destinations

iCabbi customers are enjoying huge leaps in automation right now – and it’s all down to the newly released Voice+ Product. It’s an upgrade to the Voice IVR & Phone Solution that allows you to automate calls for new pick up locations using intelligent voice recognition input, not only that but giving you much more … Continue Reading »

CEO Gavan Walsh at PHTM

Why does the Taxi Alliance make sense? Q+A with iCabbi CEO Gavan Walsh

iCabbi’s innovative initiative to unite the UK & Irish taxi industry under the formation of the Taxi Alliance will come into effect on March 31. The Taxi Alliance will be a joint venture between iCabbi and independent private hire and taxi companies, which gives taxi fleets security about the future of the software they’ve built … Continue Reading »

Uber Impact

We’ve all had a chance to digest the shocking findings in the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report into Uber’s acquisition of Autocab that they can and may access Autocab’s customer data, and that companies may not get notice if/when they choose to do so. Given a taxi companies most valuable asset is their customer … Continue Reading »

Uber/Autocab and Amazon

In early October 2020 the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) invited iCabbi to formally engage in a preliminary investigation into Uber’s proposed acquisition of our competitor Autocab. This process has involved a considerable amount of time and resources on our part, including a formal, recorded web based meeting, the completion of questionnaires supplied by … Continue Reading »

Royal Cars Oxford | iCabbi Fleet Beat

This week on fleet beat, we speak to Ozayr Khan of  Royal Cars Oxford If you’re a customer who would like to participate in Fleet Beat we would love to hear from you! Please contact   Not a customer and want to hear more about how iCabbi can help your taxi business? Talk to us today.

Covid-19 & iCabbi

Given the unprecedented situation regarding Covid-19, we at iCabbi want to assure you that we are all still working hard on your behalf and assisting our customers in any way possible.  Further to the update we sent on Friday (here’s a link in case you missed it), we would like to share with you some … Continue Reading »

ZEGO | iCabbi Marketplace Spotlight

Zego Head of Ireland Expansion, Don McCormack, fills us in on all things Zego and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry. What does your solution provide? We provide flexible insurance to Taxi fleets. Zego’s Taxi insurance covers  private and public hire, delivery work (Hire & Reward) and personal use of your vehicle (Social, … Continue Reading »

iCabbi Announce 1000 EV Roll-out for 2020

Exciting EV taxi plans for iCabbi customers iCabbi’s vision is to put taxi companies at the center of mobility. Sustainability is imperative to this, and so we’re keenly aware of the environmental impact our customer base of over 100,000 taxis worldwide is having. So, what are we going to do about it? We’re going green … Continue Reading »

500,000,000 Taxi Rides Smashed

Over 1/2 a Billion Bookings Powered by the iCabbi Taxi Dispatch System Boom! We’ve hit a major milestone at iCabbi – 500,000,000 bookings powered by our cloud-based taxi dispatch system. That’s half a Billion, how cool is that?  Sure we even made the headlines! And of course we didn’t stay on the nose of 500,000,000 for … Continue Reading »