1 Billion Bookings Milestone for Irish Tech Firm iCabbi

Dublin, 21 November 2022 – Irish taxi technology startup iCabbi surpasses one billion rides on its dispatch platform.  iCabbi was established on the Howth peninsula in 2009 by CEO & Founder Gavan Walsh after the idea to be able to book a taxi on his smartphone struck him while lost on a holiday in Portugal. … Continue Reading »

The Importance of Accessibility in Taxi Technology | iCabbi

‘Accessibility’ is often seen as an overhead or an inconvenience, that the technical work required is too complex and offers little in the way of tangible ROI. This kind of thinking views Accessibility merely as a tick box product feature, when in fact Accessibility ought to be approached as a development mindset. Good customer service … Continue Reading »

How UI/UX design has shaped the vision for iCabbi’s brand new Passenger App

Passenger Experience is a passion for me, as indeed it is for the whole iCabbi dev team in Montreal. We’ve been innovating in the taxi technology space for over 5 years and are pretty much obsessed with pushing the boundaries of what can be done to help taxi companies operate efficiently and give their customers … Continue Reading »

GDPR for Taxi Fleets: 5 Tips for Business Change in 2021 & Beyond | iCabbi

GDPR for Taxi Fleets: 5 Tips for Business Change in 2021 & Beyond

GDPR for taxi fleets was a hot topic in our industry back in 2018. Indeed, every business sector going was churning out advice on how to prepare for GDPR compliance ahead of the EU directive coming into effect. It took centre stage as the buzzword of the time. GDPR, Brexit, Covid…something else always comes along!  … Continue Reading »

iCabbi Now in New Zealand

We’re delighted to announce that iCabbi is now powering taxis in New Zealand. Over the past few weeks, we’ve put over 350 taxis live across Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. This fully-remote implementation was led by Stuart Palmer and Co of Transport Network Solutions (TNS) in Australia, with a little help from Dublin and Sheffield, and … Continue Reading »

Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter Official Launch

Industry calls on Government to approve UK Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter that sets hygiene standards for taxi passengers and drivers Taxi operators including, private hire, chauffeur and executive signing up must adhere to strict hygiene and safety guidelines – making their door-to-door services one of the safest ways to travel post-lockdown A nationwide … Continue Reading »

Announcement: iCabbi’s North American team & Mobile Knowledge consolidate to become ‘iCabbi North America’

iCabbi is delighted to announce that, on Friday, May 22nd, our established iCabbi North American Sales & Operations team consolidated with the Mobile Knowledge team to become iCabbi North America. The all-new iCabbi North America team will be operating as a local, self-sustaining base in Ottawa that carries the key objectives of operational excellence through … Continue Reading »

Strategies for post COVID-19 Taxi Success | iCabbi

How to re-Grow Your Taxi Business with Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 Recovery Period

Are you a taxi company looking to increase your business through digital marketing? If not then you should be! Investment – both in terms of time and financial spend – is more important than ever in the Coronavirus recovery period. It’s time to reactivate your existing passenger base and target new markets that may have … Continue Reading »

Software for Taxi Business |19 Solutions for Your Business | iCabbi

It’s one thing knowing lots about the taxi industry, taxi drivers and the needs and wants of taxi passengers. It’s another thing knowing how to run an efficient business. If you own or manage a taxi fleet you’ll know that you need both to succeed. In this article, we’re going to focus on the latter. … Continue Reading »

A Taxi Driver’s Guide to Keeping Safe During COVID-19

If you’re a taxi driver working during the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll no doubt be worried about your own health and safety as well as that of your passengers. The best way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus is to minimise human contact. But while many businesses, schools and public premises are now closed, there remains … Continue Reading »