One Billion Bookings Milestone Competition

iCabbi will soon surpass One Billion Bookings on our dispatch platform! What a journey we’ve been on from 0 –  1,000,000,000, from humble beginnings as an industry disrupter to continuous product innovation, expansion to markets all over the world and building win-win customer relationships (and friendships)!  Of course, this achievement is only made possible by … Continue Reading »

Taxi Alliance Product Council Members Announced 

The Taxi Alliance Product Council is a group of appointed individuals who will meet regularly to help shape the development of the iCabbi platform for the UK and Irish market. It’s being established as an initiative of the Taxi Alliance to give customers a say in the development of the technology powering their business. Who … Continue Reading »

Voice+ Image

Voice + Customer Success Stories: How fleets are benefiting from advanced IVR

We’re all buzzing about Voice+ in iCabbi right now! Why? Well, mostly because our customers are. Voice+ advanced IVR for taxi bookings allows voice input for pick-up locations…in other words, passengers can now speak the address of the  place they want to be collected from. Before, they would be given touch key options for their previous 3 pick-ups locations. If … Continue Reading »

the taxi Alliance with over 200 companies

Official Launch of the Taxi Alliance

The Taxi Alliance now officially exists! I am delighted to announce that the joint venture between iCabbi and the Taxi and Private Hire industry in the UK & Ireland has been formally approved by the iCabbi Board of Directors. It came into effect on the 31st of March with over 200 companies, representing upwards of 35000 … Continue Reading »

Collage of people who have signed for the taxi alliance contract

Who’s joining the Taxi Alliance?

We’re on a mission to unite the taxi and private hire industry in the UK & Ireland. On 31 March 2022, the Taxi Alliance will come into effect. The Taxi Alliance is a joint venture between iCabbi and independent private hire and taxi companies, which gives taxi fleets security about the future of the software … Continue Reading »

ABC Taxis Norwich | iCabbi Fleet Beat

Why was Simon Callendar of ABC Taxis Norwich so keen to sign his Taxi Alliance contract? Find out why he was the very first person to sign his taxi fleet up in this iCabbi Fleet Beat interview with Sinead Gillett.

Yellow Cab Edmonton | iCabbi Fleet Beat

If you’re a customer who would like to participate in Fleet Beat we would love to hear from you! Please contact   Not a customer and want to hear more about how iCabbi can help your taxi business? Talk to us today.

What do Taxi Fleets think of the iCabbi Taxi Alliance?

The taxi industry in the UK & Ireland is about to change forever and for the better! The Taxi Alliance is an innovative business concept, bringing a taxi dispatch technology provider (that’s us!) into a true partnership with customers (you guys!). It’s a joint venture that brings security to a sector, and most of all … Continue Reading »

What is the Taxi Alliance? Gavan Walsh explains all

Introducing The Taxi Alliance – a business innovation designed by iCabbi to meet our customers’ needs head-on. This IS the future of the Private Hire industry in the UK & Ireland. Find out why in this interview with iCabbi CEO Gavan Walsh. To find out more AND REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN JOINING, click here

Uber Impact

We’ve all had a chance to digest the shocking findings in the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report into Uber’s acquisition of Autocab that they can and may access Autocab’s customer data, and that companies may not get notice if/when they choose to do so. Given a taxi companies most valuable asset is their customer … Continue Reading »

Blueline Taxis Newcastle | iCabbi Fleet Beat

In our latest edition of Fleet Beat, I speak with Tom Shanks, CFO of Blueline Taxis. Blueline is a family run business established in 1958, based in Newcastle in the UK and has been an iCabbi Customer since 2015.  Lots of ground covered in this session, from Blueline’s impressive growth from a 500 driver fleet … Continue Reading »

Corporate Cabs | iCabbi Fleet Beat

In this Fleet Beat, Niall Prenty catches up with Cam Allison, CEO of Corporate Cabs Corporate Cabs joined iCabbi in June 2020 in the midst of this pandemic – it was truly the definition of a fully remote go-live! Cam and his team have a great story to tell on how they’ve adapted to major challenges, … Continue Reading »

Uber/Autocab and Amazon

In early October 2020 the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) invited iCabbi to formally engage in a preliminary investigation into Uber’s proposed acquisition of our competitor Autocab. This process has involved a considerable amount of time and resources on our part, including a formal, recorded web based meeting, the completion of questionnaires supplied by … Continue Reading »

The Importance of Accessibility in Taxi Technology | iCabbi

‘Accessibility’ is often seen as an overhead or an inconvenience, that the technical work required is too complex and offers little in the way of tangible ROI. This kind of thinking views Accessibility merely as a tick box product feature, when in fact Accessibility ought to be approached as a development mindset. Good customer service … Continue Reading »

GDPR for Taxi Fleets: 5 Tips for Business Change in 2021 & Beyond | iCabbi

GDPR for Taxi Fleets: 5 Tips for Business Change in 2021 & Beyond

GDPR for taxi fleets was a hot topic in our industry back in 2018. Indeed, every business sector going was churning out advice on how to prepare for GDPR compliance ahead of the EU directive coming into effect. It took centre stage as the buzzword of the time. GDPR, Brexit, Covid…something else always comes along!  … Continue Reading »

iCabbi Now in New Zealand

We’re delighted to announce that iCabbi is now powering taxis in New Zealand. Over the past few weeks, we’ve put over 350 taxis live across Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. This fully-remote implementation was led by Stuart Palmer and Co of Transport Network Solutions (TNS) in Australia, with a little help from Dublin and Sheffield, and … Continue Reading »

Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter Official Launch

Industry calls on Government to approve UK Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter that sets hygiene standards for taxi passengers and drivers Taxi operators including, private hire, chauffeur and executive signing up must adhere to strict hygiene and safety guidelines – making their door-to-door services one of the safest ways to travel post-lockdown A nationwide … Continue Reading »

COVID-19 Taxi and Mobility News Stories Roundup | iCabbi

Good deeds, despair, deliveries and new directions for the taxi industry: COVID-19 taxi news stories

Every inch of digital and print news space is crammed with stories relating to the coronavirus pandemic, covering everything from the good, the bad and the downright ugly. The same broad spectrum applies to COVID-19 taxi and mobility news articles about the taxi and mobility industry. In this review, we’ll take a whistle-stop tour of … Continue Reading »

Taxi and Mobility News & Stories |Top Picks

A whistle-stop tour of the taxi industry and mobility news we’ve been reading about in January The taxi industry is moving and shaking! There’s never been a faster pace of change in the transport sector than right now, as new mobility models launch, new technology develops and new ways of doing business emerge. Indeed, it’s … Continue Reading »

Mobile Knowledge joins the iCabbi Group

News Announcement Mobile Knowledge is a dispatch provider, operating out of Ottawa, Canada, with over 180 customers, throughout North America, as well as a significant share of licenses in the London Black cabs market.  The turn of the decade marks a new chapter for iCabbi – one that will be defined by global ambition and … Continue Reading »

500,000,000 Taxi Rides Smashed

Over 1/2 a Billion Bookings Powered by the iCabbi Taxi Dispatch System Boom! We’ve hit a major milestone at iCabbi – 500,000,000 bookings powered by our cloud-based taxi dispatch system. That’s half a Billion, how cool is that?  Sure we even made the headlines! And of course we didn’t stay on the nose of 500,000,000 for … Continue Reading »

Taxi and Mobility News & Stories | Top Picks

A Whistle-stop Tour of the taxi industry and mobility news we’ve been reading about in February. The taxi industry is moving and shaking! There’s never been a faster pace of change in the transport sector than right now, as new mobility models launch, new technology develops and new ways of doing business emerge. Indeed, it’s … Continue Reading »