The Importance of Accessibility in Taxi Technology | iCabbi

‘Accessibility’ is often seen as an overhead or an inconvenience, that the technical work required is too complex and offers little in the way of tangible ROI. This kind of thinking views Accessibility merely as a tick box product feature, when in fact Accessibility ought to be approached as a development mindset. Good customer service … Continue Reading »

How UI/UX design has shaped the vision for iCabbi’s brand new Passenger App

Passenger Experience is a passion for me, as indeed it is for the whole iCabbi dev team in Montreal. We’ve been innovating in the taxi technology space for over 5 years and are pretty much obsessed with pushing the boundaries of what can be done to help taxi companies operate efficiently and give their customers … Continue Reading »

Software for Taxi Business |19 Solutions for Your Business | iCabbi

It’s one thing knowing lots about the taxi industry, taxi drivers and the needs and wants of taxi passengers. It’s another thing knowing how to run an efficient business. If you own or manage a taxi fleet you’ll know that you need both to succeed. In this article, we’re going to focus on the latter. … Continue Reading »