My father grew up on a farm in Waterford called Coolnagour, which is still in the family and run by my Uncle.

I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from my father throughout my life. When the business started, I called it Coolnagour Ltd in his honour, though obviously the trading name is iCabbi. I believed it would be a lucky name to start the business. 

The name Coolnagour is now engrained in iCabbi. I feel a sense of pride every time I hear people from around the world trying to pronounce the name and then often questioning what it means. It was never really envisaged that this name would head iCabbi contracts all over the world, but that’s exactly what has happened, and the name will alwasy stay as it is part of our DNA. 

Last Friday, we got some tragic news that a cousin had unexpectedly died.  Myself and my Dad left Dublin to attend the funeral in Dungarvan, and while the circumstances surrounding the road trip are very sad, it was still a precious time to spend together which I value, particularly in Dungarvan where there are so many stories about the past that I always enjoy hearing.

So we checked into the hotel in the town, had a pint and walked up to the funeral. On the way up, we passed an old, almost derelict shop which my Dad pointed to. The name on the top was “Cuil na nGabar” which is the Irish language for Coolnagour. I didn’t know this, but what I also didn’t know was what it meant in English. I’ve never asked and when people have questioned it, I’ve always told them that it was the name of the farm where my Dad grew up. Fair enough, question answered…

Looking at the old shop which has nothing to do with our family, my Dad asked me if I knew what the meaning of “Cuil Na nGabar”. I replied that I didn’t actually, immediately prompting the question what does it mean?”

It’s Irish for “the arse/ass of a goat”

On June 8th, 2018, when we were doing the deal with Renault, we were in the most impressive board room at the top of the William Fry offices. The board table was the size of a small swimming pool. The administrative staff had been working till 2am the night before preparing literally thousands of pieces of paper, that needed to be signed to close the most significant deal the dispatch industry world has ever seen. Every contract was headed “Coolnagour”. 

So the Arse of a Goat has done pretty well, against all odds!