Given the unprecedented situation regarding Covid-19, we at iCabbi want to assure you that we are all still working hard on your behalf and assisting our customers in any way possible. 

Further to the update we sent on Friday (here’s a link in case you missed it), we would like to share with you some of the measures we have put in place:

1) We have implemented a mandatory work from home policy for all offices to mitigate any risk of a spread of the virus across any of our teams or customers.

2) We have ensured that all staff has secure, remote access to the company’s systems. As a business that runs entirely using cloud-based systems, we are well prepared for this situation.

3) All travel for business purposes has been suspended and we will be conducting all Customer meetings remotely. As such, all staff have access to video conferencing facilities to support Customer meetings and communications. 

4) We are fully committed to delivering our product roadmap developments and such work is continuing on as planned. 

5) iCabbi has no single point of operational failure and is able to operate all functions without disruption to business processes.

We do not currently foresee any impact on the business continuity of our services, but should the situation change we will notify you immediately. Although we believe the actions we have put in place are correct and appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are in constant review. 

We will be in contact as necessary should the situation significantly evolve.