Exciting EV taxi plans for iCabbi customers

iCabbi’s vision is to put taxi companies at the center of mobility. Sustainability is imperative to this, and so we’re keenly aware of the environmental impact our customer base of over 100,000 taxis worldwide is having.

So, what are we going to do about it?

We’re going green by way of our customers. We’re going to help iCabbi fleets go electric so that they, in turn, can help reduce carbon emissions in their cities to support clean air and drive climate action change. 

On average, regular cars emit 404g C02 emissions per mile. Compare that with electric vehicles at an average of 120g CO2 emissions per mile and it is clear that swapping out regular taxis with EV taxis can make a big difference to the future of our planet.

Many businesses claim they are “going green” but academics and practitioners agree that unless the initiative delivers the “triple bottom line” they are destined for failure. The triple bottom line means that a successful green initiative must deliver wins for the environment (the planet), society (people) and business (profit). EV Taxi initiatives do just that, lower emissions help the environment, improvement in air quality helps society and lower running costs drive sustainable taxi businesses forward. Local taxi firms are woven into the fabric of their communities and are ideally placed to deliver sustainable solutions.

In practical terms, drivers will increase their earnings by replacing fuel costs with far cheaper EV charging costs and avoid congestion charges which are set to become commonplace in towns and cities. Meanwhile, taxi fleets will be able to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the growing demand from private passengers, business customers and government agencies for more sustainable modes of transport. 

 Together with our partner Renault M.A.I., iCabbi is delighted to announce that we will be rolling out 1000  electric vehicles by way of an EV bundle through iCabbi customer taxi fleets in 2020. The EVs will include Renault Zoes, Nissan Leafs and other exciting Renault models which are soon to be launched.

Our goal is to help our customers succeed, and this EV partnership is designed to keep the taxi industry both relevant and prosperous in the new transport age. 

These EVs are currently being piloted with City Taxis Sheffield, with the initial results being very positive. City Taxis is just one of our customers who is seeking to shape a more sustainable transport sector for its city by electrifying its fleet. On Friday 13 December, City Taxis officially launched City Electric in partnership with iCabbi and announced ambitious plans to electrify its 2000 taxis by 2025. You can read more about the City Electric launch and electric charging infrastructure proposals here. 

City Taxis are an excellent example of a customer embracing partnership with iCabbi and shaping mobility in their city. 

We are excited to be entering a new decade with a sustainable solution for our taxi fleets.  A solid partnership is required between iCabbi and the taxi fleet to roll out an EV offering, and we are now seeking interest from forward-thinking and innovative customer fleets looking to make a positive environmental change in their city. 

These partnerships will not happen overnight and we appreciate your patience over the coming months. If you are interested in receiving updates on iCabbi’s electric taxi offering, please express your interest below.