iCabbi is delighted to announce that, on Friday, May 22nd, our established iCabbi North American Sales & Operations team consolidated with the Mobile Knowledge team to become iCabbi North America. The all-new iCabbi North America team will be operating as a local, self-sustaining base in Ottawa that carries the key objectives of operational excellence through customer-centric support and regionally driven product innovation.

The iCabbi Strategy team spent almost all of 2019 negotiating and closing the acquisition of Mobile Knowledge with their owner CMT. It was always our view that the opportunity was to combine both the iCabbi and MK teams in order to lead the North American market. While it wasn’t envisaged that we could undertake the necessary analysis, draft a plan and consolidate the two teams in such a short amount of time, the Coronavirus crisis provided the catalyst and drive to make it happen quickly. 

Commenting on this move, CEO of iCabbi Gavan Walsh stated: “Consolidating these two teams is a win-win both for our customers and for us as a company in terms of operational efficiency and knowledge-sharing. iCabbi’s North American customers will benefit from a strong regional support structure, whilst Mobile Knowledge customers will benefit from having certainty in our dedication to the market and in time will also benefit from iCabbi product innovation. This move strengthens our position as the market leader in North America and we’re excited and greatly ambitious for the future of this market”.  

Kevin French has been appointed as CEO of iCabbi North America. Formerly the President of Mobile Knowledge, Kevin brings over 35 years experience of the American and Canadian taxi industries to his new role. Commenting on the announcement, Kevin French has this to say: “There are many synergies to be gained by merging these two teams. Our primary objective right now is to steer the North American market towards recovery from the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic and to return once more to growth. The creation of iCabbi North America is an extremely positive step for the market at a time when the entire industry needs to come together in solidarity to support its renewal. There is strength in numbers. Customers of the iCabbi platform and the Mobile Knowledge product line are going to feel the benefits of being part of both the expanded iCabbi stronghold and the global iCabbi community backed by Groupe Renault.” 

A New Team

Kevin French will be supported in leading iCabbi North America by long-term MK executive Francine Barbe, who will be transitioning from the role of CFO/COO into that of M&A Advisor, where her knowledge and experience will be invaluable. Together with Director of Support Dave Knibbs, Director of Operations Alex Dube and their established team of 20 people they will continue to oversee and manage their market-leading, customer-centric approach to the Support and Maintenance of the Mobile Knowledge product lines, which include Arcus, Cabmate, XDS and the TaxiHail passenger app. 

For the established and growing iCabbi base, the new North American management team will be augmented by iCabbi ‘veterans’ Wayne Fogarty as Director of Implementations, Andrew Morton as Director of Sales & Account Management with Michael Robertshaw reporting into Wayne as Implementation & Training Manager. Darla Worsham Chief Accounting Officer North America will continue to be responsible for the group’s North American finance division.

Kevin will be reporting into a North American board chaired by Bob Nixon co-founder of iCabbi who many of our customers in the market know as being a long term advocate of the North American taxi market. Having spent considerable time in the US and Canada since 2014, Bob has been iCabbi Dublin’s eyes and ears there. Bob’s love for the market combined with Kevin’s knowledge and passion for advancement will make a strong partnership for driving iCabbi’s offering in North America forward. 

iCabbi Customers

iCabbi customers will continue to benefit from great products, bolstered by enhanced local support and experience as Kevin and his team act as their voice. They know the local industry and market inside out and are better resourced and placed to respond more quickly to changes in the market as they happen.

iCabbi customers outside of North America also benefit from the regional autonomy of iCabbi’s North American operation as this allows iCabbi HQ teams to give more focused attention to other local markets such as the UK & Ireland. The move thereby supports enhanced market-specificity across the organisation. 

iCabbi customers will experience no immediate changes to their support, sales or billing services. 

Mobile Knowledge Customers

Mobile Knowledge customers will have comfort in knowing that the technology solutions that they are using will continue to be supported and maintained. The same team they know and trust remains in place and customers will, therefore, continue to enjoy market-leading levels of customer service. They will soon also begin to benefit from some of iCabbi’s industry-leading tech being integrated into the Mobile Knowledge products such as iCabbi’s Voice and IVR.

Mobile Knowledge customers will experience no immediate changes to their support, sales or billing services. 

iCabbi & Mobile Knowledge Suppliers 

Suppliers will see no change in their existing relationships with MK and iCabbi and in many cases, they should benefit from access to a wider audience and iCabbi’s Marketplace…