Pac Biz Co-founder, Eric Mulvin, fills us in on all things Pac Biz and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

What is your solution?

Pac Biz offers taxi companies in the US, UK and Canada dedicated call center agents, dispatchers, controllers all for a flat monthly rate. From one full time agent to 50 or more! Each taxi agent gets six points of support, dedicated to the iCabbi platform. An assigned account manager (who has superuser access to clients fleets), supervisors, 3 year old iCabbi training program, 24/7 internal IT support (can open tickets directly with iCabbi), QA who monitors agents though DiSC and our Pac Biz Company Culture to make our agents happy so your customers get great service.

Who is your solution for?

Our typical customers are taxi companies looking to decrease costs, time managing phone support and customer/driver escalations. Our customers are also looking to increase customer/driver satisfaction, calls answered and capital available to invest elsewhere.

What is the problem your solution solves?

Pac Biz solves the classic taxi company problem – finding good people to take care of calls.  We highlight agents who are giving favors to drivers, or just flat out not answering calls. Pac Biz also solves common problems in hiring and training staff. We take care of these issues for a flat monthly rate per agent so you can free up experienced staff to provide support in other parts of the business.

How does your Solution work with iCabbi Fleets?

As our solution is human powered, once you sign up and provide us your iCabbi /Disc logins, we can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. Typically from sign up to taking calls we recommend allowing for at least 1 week for setup.

What is your vision in one sentence?

To be recognized as one of the premier call centers in the world for quality and helping transportation companies grow by giving them the tools to focus on their taxi business and letting Pac Biz handle customer and driver support.

Why should taxi and minicab companies sign-up to Pac Biz via the iCabbi Marketplace?

What sets Pac Biz apart is our combined 16 years’ experience in the taxi industry. We started started as a taxi company and developed into high quality call center. We have worked with taxi companies at the highest level around the world and every action we take is to make sure we are providing exceptional service so your customer satisfaction increases, and you can focus on growing and not maintaining a call center. Pac Biz has been supporting clients on the iCabbi system since 2016 and have helped companies grow in the US, UK and Canada. We’ve also grown from 5 employees in 2015 to over 170+ in early 2019. Pac Biz has also expanded our offering to help support taxi companies in more ways including an on-demand service, and controllers in the UK and dispatchers in the US.

We offer full time, dedicated call agents for a flat monthly rate. They are trained on iCabbi and all of our support from training to quality supervisors, are all working 100% on iCabbi. To sign up today: or if you want to schedule a call to answer questions or fill out this form to schedule a call:

Can you give us an example of a customer success story?

Every client is a success story. We only provide month to month agreements and almost 100% of our business is based on referrals, so we work tirelessly to make sure we’re providing the best service for your customers so you can focus on other parts of the business. Anybody can save money by switching to a call center, but by choosing the only call center based in the US that started as a taxi company, you are partnering up with someone who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and take on the risk of putting dozens to hundreds or thousands of people into your community to drive around the residents and the intricate moving parts that you have to manage as a business owner.

When you earn a customer, you want to keep them, and our agents go into every call with that attitude that they want them to keep calling you again and again. Between that and the savings you get by not having your own staff, you can reinvest that into other parts of your company and grow. Ask any of our clients in the US, UK and Canada who are growing, we’re part of the many step solution fleets need to take to grow their company into 2020.

In your opinion, what key developments should taxi fleets be planning for, why?

As more and more technology is introduced everywhere, don’t forget about the people that make the business. AI and robots may take some of the calls and drive some of the customers, but that just opens up the door for the transportation market to expand and for more people to get the human experience, a friendly person on the phone taking their call, a clean car and friendly driver and someone to be there when something goes wrong for their drivers and customers. That can make all the difference in the world and part of what fleets need to invest in to grow their CUSTOMERS and DRIVERS.

You are already on iCabbi so that is one of the biggest steps, but if you look around at your peers around the globe, you can see they are doing more to increase market share and grow, so there is more you can do.Taxi fleets need to be doing something that their industry hasn’t done much of until recently; relentlessly innovate, focus back on your drivers and customers and the customer experience so you can add new customers and grow your business.

We also don’t see many fleets doing a good job of promoting themselves when they are offering a great service, that is vital and something more fleets need to consider as they reinvest into their brand and strengthen it.

Can you tell us about any new products/services Pac Biz plans to bring to the market?

We plan on offering 24/7 chat support to our clients in 2019 where agents can book customers or answer pre booking questions or questions about reservations (some of the common questions that come in through phone). 

Describe the future of the taxi industry in 3 words…

Technology, Consolidation, Growth.