Richard Clayton, Managing Director, fills us in on all things M2M Data and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry

Why choose your solution? 

We are specialists in M2M IoT mobile data connectivity for Taxi and Private hire fleets in the UK, EU and beyond. We offer a bespoke tailored and fully managed solution all the way through from installation to training to ensure the customer has maximum connectivity and minimum issues.

What is the problem your solution solves?

Is your taxi business in an area with poor mobile coverage? Or do you have taxi drivers who can’t get their jobs dispatched if they can’t get a mobile signal? 

Whatever network you’re on, your mobile signal can sometimes be less than perfect. But mobile signal issues aren’t always caused by how far you are from the nearest mobile phone mast. These areas known as ‘blackspots’ and all mobile phone networks around the world suffer from them. You can experience them wherever you are, even in cities with lots of mobile phone masts. As a result, around a third of the UK currently has weak or non-existent coverage.

An answer to these problems is now available from M2M Taxi SIMs. In the UK for the first time, using the open roaming data SIMs that use the strongest mobile signal to connect taxi dispatch systems. As a result, keeping taxis connected, wherever your taxi driver may happen to be.

The advantage of roaming ‘in country is that rather than being tied to a particular cell or network your taxi dispatch system now has access to any available networks in an area.  This means that large roll outs can be easily managed as whatever the local available cell your taxi fleet can take advantage of it without high roaming costs.

We offer a M2M IoT mobile data solution, a fully managed solution that works, allows customers to manage their connections individually or as a group, we only use platforms that use live data reporting to avoid any issues.

How does your solution work with iCabbi Fleets?

Our iCabbi solution includes;

Best performing UK network
M2M loT Solution
Pooled Data Plan
Pooled Voice
Fix Dial Number per sim (Disc driver connect number)
Jasper loT Management Platform
Add alerts & watchdog etc
Direct network APN not public
New SIM delivery within 24 hours
Online Support tools within the loT Management Platform

What your company’s vision in one sentence?

“Connecting the Future”.

In your opinion what key developments should taxi fleets be planning for, why?

Taxi fleets should consider investing in building their own private networks, this is paramount to increase connectivity and security for themselves and customers.

Can you tell us about any other product/services you plan to bring to the market?

Custom APN Build.
Virtual Private Networks.
Disaster recovery solutions.

Can you share a customer success story with us? 

The key to a successful taxi and private hire company is getting drivers to the correct locations on time. Late arrivals result in unhappy customers and unnecessary delays reduce a taxi’s earning time. The M2M Taxi SIM from M2M Data Connect Ltd provides a simple, cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to PMR (Private Mobile Radio) based solutions. We are finding that more and more taxi and private hire firms are turning to cell-based dispatch systems for the greater functionality and efficiency they provide.

Using a cell-based service, taxi firms can now make their dispatch system more central to their workflow, as a result, helping them to work more efficiently and offer better service to their customers.

These cell-based service dispatch systems come with a range of features, enabling firms to allocate fares, keep track of driver locations and organize their workflow in a more efficient, cost-effective way. However, they are dependant on reliable mobile data connectivity to their drivers. As a result, data-only SIM cards are now essential for the smooth running of most taxis and private hire firms.

But what if your taxi business in an area with poor mobile coverage? What happens when taxi drivers can’t get their jobs dispatched if they can’t get a mobile signal?

The Solution: M2M Taxi SIMs has many case studies that illustrate the benefits of it’s strongest signal SIM. For example, Whiteside Taxis Limited established in 1880. Whiteside Taxis use iCabbi to dispatch jobs to its fleet of 150 cars. Above all, they depend on excellent mobile coverage to get jobs dispatched on time, every time.

Taking negotiations to the next stage, Whiteside Taxis Limited commenced dialogue with M2M Taxi SIMs. Daniel Whiteside, director of Whiteside continues, “keeping our taxi driver connected at all times with dispatch jobs is mission-critical, especially in this competitive market. That’s why we approached M2M Taxi SIMs. We simply can’t afford any downtime, due to mobile coverage issues and network downtime.”

The director of M2M Taxi SIMs, Richard Clayton said, “Having studied the taxi and private hire firm situation, we developed our strongest signal SIMs with several value-added bolt-ons to deliver a tailored solution. We worked hard to build a solution that incorporated resilience, and uptime of coverage as mission-critical. A series of trials subsequently took place with very pleasing results.”

Appointing M2M Taxi SIMs as their preferred mobile network solution provider Whiteside Taxis Limited installed the strongest signal SIMs to its fleet of 150 cars. As a result, keeping taxis connected, wherever their taxi drivers may happen to be.

M2M Taxi SIMs from M2M Data Connect Ltd is a GSM service that has been designed specifically for use in taxi dispatch systems. It’s a simple managed service that provides all the data functionality required for any taxi dispatch systems. M2M Taxi SIMs offers a range of bespoke packages to ensure that customers pay only for the data they require, providing them with guaranteed network access for the life of the system regardless of how much or how little data is sent.

Security and theft issues are similarly mitigated with a managed M2M service. M2M Taxi SIMs can easily be locked down to ensure that they can only be used for outgoing calls to pre-defined numbers or data downloads. With its WatchDog alerts, mobile data is monitored and capped to stop excessive unforeseen bills. M2M Taxi SIMs customers can call on a dedicated support team who understand the requirements of the taxi dispatch systems and are able to offer practical assistance.

Daniel Whiteside, director of Whiteside continues, “Excellent product and customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for M2M and they communicate extremely promptly should you have any queries or issues. Very pleasant business to work with and will have the solution to any of your communication requirements. I would highly recommend this company and wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone of my colleagues in the taxi trade as I trust them completely and they give you an honest evaluation. Fast, efficient and friendly.”

M2M Taxi SIM cards have been designed and built to survive tough conditions, withstanding extreme temperature and movement. As a result, they are more reliable and last longer than the standard mobile SIM. They give you access to fast and secure connectivity, along with global connectivity. M2M SIMs are not fixed to one mobile network, which means they stay connected to the strongest signal using the latest roaming SIM technology.

Commercial benefits include the flexibility to share data across all devices. As a result, SIMs don’t need individual plans for each SIM card.
The business benefits of the M2M SIM includes complete control over your SIM estate via an IoT platform. You can Management your SIM activations and deactivations. And even track data usage and SIM activity in real-time.

Unlike many traditional standard SIMs, M2M SIMs tend to on a contract, not a “pay as you go” basis. And the data packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of the M2M applications.

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What is the future of the taxi industry in 3 words?

Secure Mobility Connectivity.