We know it can be kinda boring staying at home all the time, but you can still have fun if you use your imagination to transport you to really cool places! That’s why we . are asking kids to invent and draw a picture of a MAGIC TAXI! Maybe it’s a rainbow convertible that can bring you to space, or maybe it’s made out of sweets so you can snack on your way to the dentist!  We want to see what makes your MAGIC TAXI special and where you’re going in it. 

All you have to do is send us a photo of your picture with your name and age in the corner. All ages are welcome to enter and you can use any materials you like – crayons, paints, markers, pencils, glitter, feathers, tomato ketchup, maybe even a few marshmallows…. you’re in charge so you can do whatever you like! 

*** We have LOTS OF PRIZES to give away!

How do you enter?

Grown-ups can:

  • Post your picture on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Tag @iCabbi and use the #MagicTaxi
  • Share the name and age of the artist and a little description of their Magic Taxi picture. 

Who can enter?

This competition is open to all Kids! We would love to see entries from the children of our iCabbi team, customers, partners and any friends of iCabbi out there. Feel free to get your passengers and drivers involved too – in which case get them to tag your taxi company in their entry as well as @iCabbi. We have lots of prizes to go around!

When does the competition close?

We’ll be accepting entries until Monday 25 May, 5PM.

So what are you waiting for? Beep Beeeep! It’s time to create your Magic Taxi! Good luck and have fun!