Zego Head of Ireland Expansion, Don McCormack, fills us in on all things Zego and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

What does your solution provide?

We provide flexible insurance to Taxi fleets. Zego’s Taxi insurance covers  private and public hire, delivery work (Hire & Reward) and personal use of your vehicle (Social, Domestic & Pleasure). It’s Fully Comprehensive cover for work and free time, all in one convenient policy. Your drivers can choose between 30-day and annual policies, so they can get cover that lasts for as long as they need it.

Why choose your solution? 

Our Taxi insurance is designed to be as convenient as possible. It’s quick and easy to sign up and we don’t charge any admin fees if you change any of your details. We also have a friendly customer support team who are available to help 7 days a week. With Zego, your private car No Claims Discount counts towards your quote, so our cover is suitable for new and experienced taxi drivers.

What is your company vision in one sentence?

As an insurer, we want “A world where insurance no longer limits our choices.”

As a taxi insurer “A world where every taxi driver can get the insurance that suits their needs. A world where everyone has access to flexible insurance that suits their needs.”

How does your solution work with iCabbi Fleets?  

Zego provides a unique offering to fleets, that has never been available to them before. We’ve done the background work of integrating with iCabbi to facilitate iCabbi fleets accessing Zego’s product. Once a fleet gives the ‘go-ahead’ for Zego to integrate with their iCabbi portal. By doing this, fleets can expect the following:

Make use of data: a lot of fleet owners have access to data, but a lot of insurers don’t want to use this data to give them a fairer price. Zego is different. We want to give a tailored and fair price to everyone, be it a fleet or a driver.

Manage your insurance policies efficiently: forget about the days when you needed to waste a lot of your time managing your insurance policy. We are building the simplest portal for you to manage any fleet changes with a click.

Understanding: get visibility on how your drivers insurance is performing, and manage your claims with Zego’s help to ensure that you have visibility.

What is the future of the taxi industry in 3 words?

Safety, flexibility, efficiency.

In your opinion, what key developments should taxi fleets be planning for, why?

Taxi fleets should take notice of the insights that they can now get into how they can improve their safety and efficiency.

Can you tell us about any other products/services you plan to bring to the market?

We want to provide more options or additional cover. We already offer Breakdown cover and No Claims Discount protection, but we’ll make more add-ons available to fleets.