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Dispatch Engine

The Dispatch Engine is the“brain” of the Taxi 360 platform. It’s responsible for translating your fleet operators’ knowledge into rules that intelligently match supply and demand.  It’s capable of handling the simplest trips from A to B, to recurring bookings, to complex bookings with multiple pickups and dropoffs. Because every fleet is different we’ve made … Continue Reading »

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Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management handles all your back-end processes. It stores and streamlines all of your driver, vehicle, passenger and corporate business records, and automates invoicing, billing and reporting. It’s here where you can configure the system to meet all of your unique needs – giving you the flexibility and control to dispatch your way – from managing … Continue Reading »

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Fleet Insights | Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power, right? Leverage your data to improve your business with iCabbi Insights.  With this business intelligence tool, you can analyse key performance metrics for your taxi fleet, identify areas that require attention and make informed decisions. Customer Login: