Taxi Alliance Product Council Members Announced 

The Taxi Alliance Product Council is a group of appointed individuals who will meet regularly to help shape the development of the iCabbi platform for the UK and Irish market. It’s being established as an initiative of the Taxi Alliance to give customers a say in the development of the technology powering their business. Who … Continue Reading »

Voice+ Image

Voice + Customer Success Stories: How fleets are benefiting from advanced IVR

We’re all buzzing about Voice+ in iCabbi right now! Why? Well, mostly because our customers are. Voice+ advanced IVR for taxi bookings allows voice input for pick-up locations…in other words, passengers can now speak the address of the  place they want to be collected from. Before, they would be given touch key options for their previous 3 pick-ups locations. If … Continue Reading »

Fleet Beat Clare Welsh

Wellman Cars | iCabbi Fleet Beat

Voice+, joining the Taxi Alliance, Awards, Birthdays, Female Taxi Drivers….. what don’t they talk about? Sinead Gillett catching up with Clare Welsh here for a timely iCabbi Fleet Beat.

Interview with CEO Gavan Walsh

CEO Gavan Walsh on the release of the Taxi Alliance contracts

On 31.03.22 the Taxi Alliance will officially come into effect. The Alliance is a joint venture between iCabbi and independent private hire and taxi fleets in the UK & Ireland. It gives taxi companies security that the software they’ve built their businesses on won’t sell out to one of their competitors. It gives fleets a … Continue Reading »