A Whistle-stop Tour of the taxi industry and mobility news we’ve been reading about in February.

The taxi industry is moving and shaking! There’s never been a faster pace of change in the transport sector than right now, as new mobility models launch, new technology develops and new ways of doing business emerge. Indeed, it’s so busy it can be hard to keep abreast of all the taxi and mobility news and stories flooding the internet. So, each month we pull together some of the most interesting picks from this month – and every month from here on in. Stay tuned to find out what innovative taxi companies around the world are getting up to and what key trends you should be considering.

So, what’s been catching our eye this month?

Toyta launches European mobility brand Kinto

Here’s yet another OEM recognising the importance of new mobility as the car ownership trend continues downwards Kinto is a mobility brand created by Toyota, which is part of their internal strategy to become more focused on mobility services throughout Europe. These will include car sharing, car pooling, subscription services and other MaaS offerings. 

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Finland in focus: where mobility meets sustainability

Finland is a leader in innovation when it comes to MaaS ( Mobility as a Service). They are now taking it one step further by accounting for sustainability as part of the offering. The Act on Transport Services, which was launched two years ago has been slowly rolled out in order for a more connected mobility arena.But naturally there is push back, as this involves the sharing of data that has never been shared before. 

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Lyft Hails Major Hospital Partner In Sutter Health

Non emergency hospital transportation, more commonly known in North America as NEMT ( non emergency medical transport) is an extremely important revenue stream for taxi companies. 

Lyft securing this exclusive contract with Sutter Health is a huge stride forward for the patient transport industry.  We don’t often mention the last mile in the context of making hospital appointments, but this is far more important than meets the eye. 

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Nissan LEAF & Uber Tag Team London

A play by Uber to position itself in a positive light within the UK…..and it might just work. This initiative follows a bumpy road from Uber and its relationship with London. The operator  licencing issues of last year which were a rough patch may well be forgotten. By partnering with Nissan, Uber’s Clean Air Plan for London really comes to fruition and gives it a likeability it never had before. 

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LEVC Enters Japanese Market With Plug-In Taxi

The London based Company has sold 2,500 TX vehicles to Japan, marking the country’s first  noteworthy steps to reduce emissions. The roll out of electric vehicles is expected to launch in Q2 of this year. The Japanese taxi market is estimated at 240,000 vehicles (similar in size to the UK market), so it will only make a small dent in the ultimate goal of Ultra -low emissions vehicles available nationally. However, this is a significant move. Until now there has been a lack of EV Strategy coming from the most advanced OEM and technology country in the world.

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