iMove – An iCabbi Initiative


Over the last 12 months, Covid and all the madness around lockdowns has had a toll on all of us. Something has been lost by not being able to hang out with family, friends and colleagues the way we used to. Homeschooling, 5km restrictions, people bubbles with no visits to the gym or the hairdressers. Some have adapted well, others have struggled with their mental and physical Health.

So we decided to do something practical to help, and at the start of January, 15 of us banded together and committed to doing a daily step challenge. Those that were already regular walkers committed to 15,000 or 20,000 steps a day. Most of us though needed to make this a daily walking habit so we started small and committed to between 5,000 and 10,000. By the end of February our numbers had grown to 20 and as our message changed more of us are doing something. Because this isn’t just about the steps, it’s about getting people moving, helping them out of their slippers and outdoors to walk, run, cycle, hike or whatever you’re having yourself. We call it iMove. Some of us are now on zoom calls out in the back garden doing laps, and those without a garden are taking the stairs more often than the lift.

Housework counts too as does putting the bins out. Anything really that keeps us active and away from endless Netflix and the couch. We all have an app that tracks our daily activity. Health and mindset benefits are revealing themselves in better sleeping and eating habits, improved focus and performance at work, even the doggies are feeling the effect. It’s also an opportunity for being a bit more social with those around us, and we can only look forward to lockdowns easing soon and being able to meet up and do what we do together.

As iCabbi has customers all over the world, we decided we would walk as a group to go see them all. We started off in Ireland, then to the UK, and by the end of February we got to Finland and up as far as Lapland, via Helsinki. Now we are heading over to Canada and Newfoundland, across country to British Columbia via our offices in Ottawa and Montreal. Over the coming months we hope to get across the USA, hop down to Brazil, then over to Australia and New Zealand, and finally make it back to Ireland. Our number has swelled to 30 on our Camino, and our goal is for 50 of us to finish our walk around the world. Who knows, we might even do a Forest Gump and just keep going!