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24/7 Taxi Call Center - Based in Phoenix, AZ

Work with the only call center that started out as a taxi company! We have been supporting iCabbi clients since 2016. Based in Phoenix, AZ with our operations in the Philippines, we understand what it takes to handle calls for taxi companies because we used to be one.

For the past 4 years, we have been working with the leading taxi companies from the US, Canada and the UK. They have been acquiring new companies, taking on new revenue streams and adding more agents with Pac Biz. At the same time, we also also didn’t forget about where we came from, with our smallest taxi customer with 24/7 support at 8 vehicles. Now you have the same opportunity to let us handle your taxi calls so you can focus on growing your taxi business too.

Our goal at Pac Biz is to give your taxi customers, everyone from the cash customers, to the medical accounts, the airport travelers, the seniors and especially your biggest customers, your drivers, the best service possible so they keep coming back so you can focus on adding new customers and drivers.

  • Dedicated agents: Who only take calls for only you, available to schedule 24/7.
  • Account Manager: Who work your business hours and can help adjust schedules, increase staff, review calls, get updates about new products/services from your taxi company and more.
  • Online billing: Flat monthly rates and month to month contracts
  • Pac Biz: Opens support tickets directly with iCabbi/Disc
  • Account Managers: Can be given SuperUser status and manage our own user logins and so QA and listen to recorded calls on Disc
  • Backup agents and on demand agents: Trained on your account at no additional cost
  • Each agent gets 6 points of support: Supervisor, Quality Assurance, Training, Account Manager, Company Culture and iCabbi/Disc software.
  • Access to US ownership: Who has 4 years experience working with iCabbi clients in the US, Canada and the UK, 8 years experience in the taxi industry
  • Tons of communication tools available: We use Google for Business, Basecamp, with some clients we use Slack, Skype, TeamViewer and others
  • We give back to the community and provide some of the highest wages in our region: If our agents are happy, they will make your customers happy.


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