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The Simple and Secure Way to Collect Driver Documentation

We cut the chaos that comes with the collection and storage of driver documentation.

The Problem?

For taxi companies, collecting driver documentation is a chaotic, administrative heavy task that’s stressful, resource heavy, inefficient and fraught with compliance issues.

For your drivers it’s cumbersome and inconvenient to prepare and share the documentation they require to secure a contract with you.

Our Solution?

Our online platform and application digitises, automates and expedites the gathering of sensitive documents from your drivers (licences, insurance etc) in a way that is secure and convenient for both you and your drivers.

How it works

1. Simply send an email (or sms) ‘Request for Data’ to your driver from the online dashboard

2. Driver clicks on the ‘Data Request’ and photographs the required docs on their smart phone and shares them with you securely in real-time

3. You accept, reject, store, share or archive the documentation directly from dashboard for future use (rules based).

  • Reduce costs: Reduce admin costs and eliminate the paper chase and collect driver documentation and data into one centralised file
  • Real-time tracking: Onboard drivers faster with real-time tracking of documentation requirements Easy, convenient driver experience
  • Easy to use app: With our intuitive easy to use app drivers can simply photographs and share documents with you directly from their smart phone
  • Effective risk management: Manage risk effectively with our secure, scalable, rules based and auditable solution
  • Secure: All sensitive personal data received is fully encrypted and stored online for further processing (inc GDPR)
  • Track driver interactions: Track all driver interactions and append related contract documents with our advanced note feature and save to an individual driver record
  • Share driver records: Download and/or securely share a complete driver record as a single PDF file or multiple files that can be imported into other business critical systems e.g. payroll.
  • Document expiry tracking: Track important document expiry dates ensuring that you continuously maintain current driver files (eg insurance) with our automated data request scheduling feature or permanently erase files with the automated purge feature.


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