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Automate your driver rents and document updates easily

Automate your driver rents and document updates easily. The syolo driver management portal will provide a full suite of features for your drivers to maintain themselves!

  • Accept payments from drivers: Allow drivers to request funds from their account if they have a credit balance
  • Automatic deactivation of non-paying drivers: Who owe you money at the date and time you set
  • Allow drivers to update their documents: Without the need to bring documents to the office
  • Allow drivers to view their feedback: To help them improve their service to your customers
  • Keep drivers up to date with your company news: Using the company news feed
  • Driver query channel: To reduce the need for drivers to call or visit the office
  • Option to show the drivers their income information: Driver training section to provide drivers instant access to the information they need to know
  • Manage driver debt: By giving individual drivers their personal credit limit
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