Simplifying tax compliance to help attract & retain drivers.

HMRC’s new incoming tax rules, Tax Checks (conditionality), and Making Tax Digital make taxi driving look less attractive to drivers and a lot more expensive. The Drivers Tax App makes a driver’s tax compliance very affordable and straightforward. Drivers enter their income and expenses, and our software creates their completed tax return for them and sends it directly to HMRC at the touch of a single button, saving drivers from already high and rising accountants fees. Any mistakes are easily editable before a tax return is submitted. Driver support is via email, live chat and phone. Our software is “HMRC Recognised”.

  • Removing the complexities and high accountancy costs involved with self-employment makes the job of taxi driving more attractive, helping to attract and, more importantly, retain your drivers.


  • Drivers get a FREE 30-day trial, extending to 60 days when your drivers use your unique company link.


  • We provide your company with Marketing Materials to help you raise your driver’s awareness of The Drivers Tax App, with emails, PDA messages, drivers portal, newsletters, text messages.


  • In return for less than 2 hours of your time to set up, we will share the subscription revenue generated with you; Year 1 – 35%, Year 2 – 20%, Year 3 onwards – 10%


  • If a driver switches fleets or even leaves the trade but is still self-employed – you’ll continue to receive the revenue share!


  • Bonus – Free up your accounts staff time from dealing with driver statement requests.
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