Dispatch Engine

The Dispatch Engine is the“brain” of the Taxi 360 platform. It’s responsible for translating your fleet operators’ knowledge into rules that intelligently match supply and demand.  It’s capable of handling the simplest trips from A to B, to recurring bookings, to complex bookings with multiple pickups and dropoffs. Because every fleet is different we’ve made the dispatch engine highly configurable – so it effectively becomes your brain, for your business. 


Dispatch Engine | Taxi Software | iCabbi
Take Control of Your Business
Our Intelligent Taxi Software Puts You in the Driving Seat
No more clunky taxi base hardware! Access and manage your fleet from anywhere with an internet connection.
99.999% Up-time means that iCabbi will not let you down.
Self-manage your fleet's dispatch rules with highly-configurable settings and real-time updating. You can quickly and easily respond to booking trends, change or add zones, adjust pricing and lots more.
Mass-onboard new fleets in minutes. We make the technical integration of any mergers and acquisitions as easy as possible for you and your team.
End-to-end booking automation reduces your staff and running costs. Receive digital bookings through the iCabbi Passenger App, Web Booker, Business Solution, and Voice - and preset how your system automatically dispatches jobs to drivers.
Use iCabbi Insights (Free or Lite) to evaluate how your fleet is performing. Data gives you the intelligence you need to identify areas for improvement and affect positive change.
Dispatch Your Way
Customisable features that make the Dispatch Engine work for you - and not the other way around
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