Uber acquires Autocab. What to do now?

CMA approved the acquisition of Autocab by Uber and we think it can be damaging for the taxi and private hire industry because:

  • Potential visibility of big data: Data and more importantly access to data is moot point, it is unclear what data if anything will be shared and with who.We are assuming, Uber, as a parent company, will have access to what they need access to,giving them power and understanding of both regions and markets that were once not on their radar.
  • Control and ownership of customers (passengers): This comes down to simple economics, supply and demand. Uber may never ‘own’ the customers and likewise the taxi and private hire companies may never ‘own’ them either. However, what we do know is, where Uber is unavailable,  the jobs will be fulfilled by taxis, and completed through the Uber app. Thus , Uber now owns these customers.

If you are planning to make the transition with us, you must know you aren’t alone. We welcomed 25 new fleets in Uk during last year!


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