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What are iCabbi APIs?

iCabbi APIs are any programming interfaces, webhook, code or documentation that iCabbi makes available that can be used to access the iCabbi Platform. APIs are part of the iCabbi Product Platform.

What are API Keys?

API Keys “means the necessary security keys, secrets, tokens, and other credentials to access the iCabbi APIs”. The API Keys enable iCabbi to associate an Application’s use of the iCabbi APIs to a Customer’s iCabbi instance. All activities that occur using API Keys are the iCabbi Customer’s responsibility. API Keys are non-transferable and non-assignable. Keep them safe, keep them secret.

As an iCabbi Customer, what if I want to use a 3rd Party Offering on the iCabbi Marketplace and API keys are required?

If you wish to use a 3rd Party Offering that is on the iCabbi Marketplace, then once you have signed the Partner Agreement with the 3rd Party, you can request API Keys for that Partner by submitting a request for API Keys to support@icabbi.com, stating your iCabbi Company ID and purpose of the integration. An API token will be securely shared with you, which you can then provide to the Partner.

As an iCabbi Customer, what if I want to use a 3rd Party Offering that is NOT on the iCabbi Marketplace and API credentials are required?

If you wish to use a 3rd Party Offering that is NOT on the iCabbi Marketplace, then you should request that the 3rd Party contact marketplace@icabbi.com. An iCabbi Agreement will need to be in place with the 3rd Party before iCabbi can share your API key. Under no circumstances should you share API Keys with an Unauthorised 3rd Party.

As an iCabbi Customer, what if I want to develop an Application at my own cost and require API Keys?

In all cases, you should email marketplace@icabbi.com before you start any development project, and let us know what you are planning to develop / integrate for iCabbi approval. You will also need to accept iCabbi API Terms of Use. When required, please submit a request to support@icabbi.com stating the purpose of the integration, so that relevant API Keys can be shared.

What if an iCabbi Customer wants to share or sell an Application that they have developed and own to other iCabbi Customers?

This is what the iCabbi Marketplace has been built for. Please submit a request and details into marketplace@icabbi.com. An iCabbi Marketplace Agreement will need to be in place to facilitate this.

Can I get support on how to use the iCabbi APIs?

Support Documentation is included “inline” in the API documentation. If you have additional questions then please submit a request to support@icabbi.com. Additional Support resources are available on the iCabbi Help Center and Resource Hub.

What can the API Keys not be used for, and are there any limits?

Nothing illegal, or for anything that will do harm to either iCabbi or the iCabbi customer base. If you are in any doubt then please contact support@icabbi.com. or your Customer Success Manager. iCabbi must be informed as to what purpose the APIs will be used for, so it is best to notify us sooner rather than later. iCabbi reserves the right to make modifications to the API at any time and may, at its sole discretion, impose limits on the number and frequency of API requests

*Before proceeding please read API T&C’s which can be found here*

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