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Our Values
People naturally gravitate towards the kind of folks they like to work with. At iCabbi we recognise and celebrate SPARK in one another. It's an acronym, but in many ways, the word itself is greater than the sum of all its parts - and that's kind of how we feel about the collective value of the iCabbi team. We all bring unique skills to the mix and spark off one another to create something truly special. The promise we make to one another as teammates is the commitment to keeping our SPARK alive and well. As we grow this means bringing new SPARKIES on board. We're always looking for people who share our values... so if you've got SPARK, and want it in your colleagues, why not check out our open roles and come join us.
Sound is Irish slang for a person who is decent and genuine to everyone. Sound people are friendly, do favours without being asked, share their knowledge freely and have no ego!
We approach our individual roles with responsibility and drive, while never losing sight of the fact that we're all part of the same team, working towards our shared vision.
The most important way to be ambitious is to be ambitious together. We're ambitious for our customers, ambitious for iCabbi and ambitious for ourselves.
Resourceful people come up with quick and clever ways to solve problems. Creativity goes a long way here.
Kinetic energy is all about kicking plans into action and building momentum. We love people who get stuff done and can influence the ripple effect!
Why Work at iCabbi?

iCabbi is a company on the move. We’re growing every day, which means there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow too. We’re pursuing an ambitious vision to transform an industry and are innovating at the frontier of today’s mobility age. It’s satisfying and exciting work in an environment where your contribution makes a real difference. We appreciate the talent and offer competitive packages with lots of benefits, a passion for workplace wellbeing and we’re pretty good at throwing parties…

6 open positions
Voice Implementer
Lead Developer
R & D
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Customer Success Manager 
United Kingdom
Product Manager
R & D
Dublin / Europe
Android Developer
Research and Development
Dublin, Ireland
iOS Developer
Ireland, UK,
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