The smartest way to scale your NEMT business

The smartest way to scale your NEMT business

Next Generation NEMT Innovation

Grow your NEMT business with the most intelligent and responsive route optimization solution available today. Move AI uses powerful computing algorithms to predict thousands of single, grouped and linked trip possibilities in seconds. You’re guaranteed to do more trips with fewer drivers, while confidently meeting the SLAs of your assisted patient transportation contract. With Move AI delivering unrivalled operational efficiency, you can focus on winning more NEMT work and growing your revenue.


  • Manual input and costs
  • Driver Deadhead miles
  • No Shows & Cancellations 
  • Need to Reject trips


  • Revenue and Profit
  • Volume of trips
  • Driver utilization 
  • Revenue Per Trip


  • On-time performance
  • Ability to handle on-demand trips 
  • Patient experience
  • Adherence to broker SLAs
  • Trust & Reliability 
  • Ability to win more contracts
  • Real time adjustments to trip & routes

More Trips.

Fewer Drivers.

The Secret to NEMT Success

What’s the secret to a successful NEMT operation? Well. There’s two: having a good plan, and then having a plan for when that plan is disrupted, because let’s face it, there are many things that can change during the day. Move AI covers both of these needs. Our NEMT technology gives you the ultimate pre-planning route optimization solution available today. Pair this with advanced real-time re-optimization capabilities that intelligently adapt to live data feeds without the need for human interaction, and you’ve got the winning formula.

Advanced Pre-Planned
Route Optimization

100+ Configurable Parameters

Every patient has different needs. Every Health Plan has specific rules.

Move AI gives you the ability to flexibly plan individual trips or grouped journeys based on complex rules, limits and requirements.

These can be set by way of:

  • Accounts
  • Sites
  • Attributes

Driver Assignment Rules

Set parameters relating to driver shift limits, distance, priorities, earnings and desired utilization outcomes.

Driver Scheduling

Manage driver availability by inputting and allocating shift slots and blocking time-off.

Automation Engine

No more manual planning. Move AI will save you time and money by generating your optimized routes in seconds. Set up rules and workflows that use advanced intelligence to create the most efficient routing scenarios possible.

Automatically dispatch trips and journeys.

Enable automated alerts and notifications to help drivers work smarter, support passenger customer service and help to reduce no shows and cancellations.

Driver App with Manifest

Drivers receive their daily schedule of individual trips and grouped journeys on the iCabbi Driver App. They’ll love the clean, easy-to-use flows and driver experience features such as the Driver Earnings dashboard and custom display settings. The iCabbi driver app is multi-modal, which let’s drivers switch between different trip types, such as taxi, deliveries or NEMT trips.

Virtual Fleet Engine

What is the absolute optimum routing plan for your NEMT contract? Use the virtual fleet simulator to test thousands of mobility scenarios in a matter of seconds. No human brain can compete with that!

Real-time Reoptimization

You can’t predict everything. So you need a smart NEMT solution that can adapt quickly and easily to live changes.

Move AI works to mitigate real-time disruption by routinely checking and adapting to live data feeds.

No-Shows & Cancellations
Trip Delays
In/Out Wait times
Edits to Bookings
On Demand Bookings
Traffic Updates – congestion, closures, weather

Passenger Care Experience 

Track My Driver

Choose to send passengers and/or their carers or health plan manager a link to view and track their trip. Send by email/SMS. Include option to cancel booking to help reduce no-shows and late cancellations. Passengers get a real-time ETA for their pick-up. Passengers them get a real-time ETA to their drop-off. Passengers can share the link with anyone that needs to know if they are waiting, in the car or have completed their trip



NEMT IVR Solution

Automate inbound and outbound phone calls with NEMT passengers with iCabbi’s industry leading phone and IVR solution. Set rules to schedule IVR calls to passengers to remind them of their trip and preempt any no shows or last-minute cancellations. In addition, you can provide live-ETAs for passengers who phone to check on their booking, and give them the option to cancel.


Complete your end to end NEMT solution by using the sophisticated iCabbi API to integrate with value-add third-parties.

Protecting patient data is the responsibility of all parties involved in delivering non-emergency medical transportation. We take this very seriously, and we know you do too. Move AI is fully-encrypted.

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