We Love Taxi

Thanks for dropping by to find out more about us. We’re iCabbi. We make the world’s most powerful taxi dispatch technology. And we’re very passionate about it.

Technically, we’re a tech company. We make software after all. But, for us, it’s much more about people. Our goal is to make life as easy as possible for everyone involved in a taxi ride – the fleet operator, the driver, and the passenger. When they’re all happy, so are we.

The Story So Far

We began our mission to transform the taxi industry with digital, fully- cloud based software, a SasS model and new ways of thinking about the taxi business in 2009… and it has been some journey since then!

And really, we’re just getting started.

Our Vision is to put Taxi Companies at the Centre of Mobility.

Meet our Leadership Team

Meet the team driving iCabbi forward by putting Customer Success at the heart of everything we do.

Mick Tope


Barry O’Donnell

Chief Financial Officer


Odhran Ginnity

Chief Technology Officer

Sinead Gillett

Chief Marketing Officer


Niall Prenty

Chief Customer Officer

Bob Nixon

Chief Strategy Officer


Kevin French

CEO – iCabbi North America


Rogerio Casagrande

CEO – Original Software


Richard Smith

CEO – Taxi Alliance

Our Structure

iCabbi is proud to be a Mobilize company.


iCabbi is proud to be part of the Mobilize ecosystem, which gathers all the mobility and energy-related services of Renault Group.

We believe that by combining all our energies, we will make the sustainable mobility revolution happen as we help everyone’s mobility grow. We know we need to achieve this faster than ever to rise to the challenges of the climate crisis. That’s why we want to transform mobility on a large scale, thanks to constant technological innovation, each step and kilometer of the way. We are bringing together all the skills and know-how. Renault group has gained over decades,as well as new innovative companies that are driving mobility forward. Present across the entire mobility chain, we develop and deliver the world’s widest range of green mobility solutions for businesses, communities, and individuals: car-sharing, electric vehicle fleets, charging solutions, data management, financial services and more. Together, we are creating the mobility revolution the world needs.

The iCabbi Family

iCabbi itself comprises a number of subsidiary brands operating in specific markets.

The Taxi Alliance is a joint venture between iCabbi and the independent taxi and private hire industry in the UK and Ireland set up in 2022. It comprises over 500 taxi companies, representing upwards of 39,000 licenses. Its aim is to foster collaboration amongst taxi companies and deliver security and strength to the industry.

iCabbi North America (previously Mobile Knowledge) has decades of experience delivering taxi solutions to fleets in the USA and Canada. In fact, its history dates as far back as the 1970s, when it was first set up to provide transport management solutions for public and private ground transportation providers.

Original software is an innovative dispatch technology provider servicing the Brazilian market. It was founded in Sao Paolo in 2006 by engineer Rogerio Casagrande and has since expanded to cover the entire country. It now powers over 10,000 taxis in 22 of Brazil’s 27 states. We welcomed Original Software to iCabbi in 2019.

Our Partners

We’re always looking for ways to deliver additional value to our customer fleets. With that in mind, we’ve hand-selected a group of third-party service providers to partner with. Many of these integrate with iCabbi via our open API. They cover a broad range of offerings from demand generation aggregators to bespoke technical solutions.