Why do 98% of taxi companies who switch to iCabbi, stay with iCabbi?

It’s Simple, we’ve developed the perfect formula to help your taxi company succeed. The iCabbi taxi dispatch platform helps you automate, optimise, and grow your business. It’s a very simple formula, but believe us, it works.


Our customers can achieve booking automation levels of over 90%. This means a dramatic reduction in call-center dependency and overheads. iCabbi also automates many back-office processes such as records, invoicing, and fraud management. So, you can reduce friction and costs in your business and focus on optimising processes and customer experiences instead.


With over 1000 configurable settings, the iCabbi taxi dispatch system allows you to continuously adapt your technology for your business needs. You can make real-time changes in response to fluctuating demand and supply, or use scheduled settings to intelligently address known patterns. Smart reporting tools allow you to identify actionable measures to improve customer service, and you can further enhance passenger and driver experiences with world-class apps that rival any global player.


With more streamlined taxi operations, ever-growing supply and demand, and the resulting positive impact on your profits, you can focus time on strategic initiatives to grow your taxi business. Invest in marketing efforts, expand into new territories, introduce new   channels, or even merge with or buy your competitors. iCabbi is scalable and flexible to whatever your ambition is.

Reasons to Love iCabbi

There probably isn’t just one single thing that keeps iCabbi customers happy. Fleets entrust iCabbi to power their business month after month for a combination of reasons. There’s our simple ‘Automate, Optimise, Grow’ formula, and then there’s all of these things to consider too…

Highly Customisable

Every taxi company is different. So, you need a system that can support the way your company operates. The iCabbi platform has over 1000 customizable settings. Make real-time changes or configure scheduled settings and workflows that help you effectively manage your supply and demand.

Next-Level Automation

We’re pushing the boundaries of automation for taxi companies. Our customers can now achieve 90% upwards on booking automation by replacing traditional call-center services with iCabbi’s suite of digital booking solutions: Book App, Book Business, and Book Voice.

Unrivalled Reliability

Have you ever experienced business disruption due to the breakdown of your taxi technology system? Ouch. This simply does not happen with the iCabbi platform. With 99.999% up-time, our customers get peace of mind that their technology will never let them down. So, that’s one less business risk for you to think about.

Market-leading Apps

iCabbi’s Passenger and Driver Apps are continuously innovated by dedicated R&D teams. Product releases take place in a 6-week sprint cycle, which means that your customers are constantly upgraded with new features and enhancements that improve their overall experience engaging with your taxi company.


Onboarding new drivers or even entire fleets to your iCabbi platform is quick and easy. You’ll have no technical blockers to scaling your fleet through organic or acquisition growth. Running multiple fleets or sites off one system is simple and allows you to benefit from economies of scale if you are a consolidated taxi group.


Want to build onto your platform? No problem. iCabbi offers a highly-sophisticated API that allows you to connect with third-party tech providers or indeed to develop your own solutions. Connect with aggregators to drive more demand into your fleet, or hook up with value-add partners that help you manage specific local and administrative requirements.

Streamlined Implementation

One of the biggest worries you’re likely to have is about transitioning from your current taxi dispatch system to the iCabbi platform. It’s a big change, for sure, and change can be hard. But, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with the iCabbi implementations team. They’ve streamlined the process to make it as smooth and pain-free as possible.

24/7 365 Support

Every minute counts when it comes to rectifying issues within your business. We pride ourselves on offering three levels of customer support, which covers you 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. In addition, you also have access to a support resource center with FAQs, release notes, video tutorials, guides, and advice.

Pay As You Go

Only pay for the active drivers you have each month. You’re running your taxi business in an ever-changing world. We get that. Some months are busier than others, and sometimes things get turned upside down without a second’s notice! Pay As You Grow pricing gives you the financial freedom to concentrate on what’s important – building a successful business.

Strategic Partner

iCabbi is part of the Mobilize ecosystem, which gathers all the mobility and energy-related services of Renault Group. Being backed by an OEM allows iCabbi to bring unique opportunities to our customer fleets. This includes the introduction of a Vehicle As A Service (VAAS) model to help you electrify your fleet and create a new revenue channel.

Customer Transformation

Meet the taxi companies from around the world who we have helped automate, optimise and grow their fleets.

Give your customers a great passenger experience by offering them multiple ways to book their taxi. Passengers will love how quick and easy it is to order, track and pay for their cab with your company.

Intelligently match your supply and demand with the world’s most reliable and powerful dispatch system.

Attract and Retain drivers with iCabbi’s stylish, feature-rich iOS and android App.

Manage your digital payments processing with our industry-first payments solution.

Streamline your back-end operational processes for effective fleet management.

Integrate with value-add third party partners using iCabbi’s open API.



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