Mick Tope
Chief Strategy Officer

One of my greatest achievements for iCabbi so far has been leading the team through the strategic investment process which resulted in our partnership with Renault. We knew at the time that this would be a critical move for us and for the taxi industry at large. Indeed, it has enabled us to massively ramp up capacity innovation and enabled us to lead the way for the success of our customers now and well into the future.

As Chief Strategy Officer, I’m always thinking ahead to identify challenges and more importantly opportunities coming down the line.  It’s my firm belief that a key part of the future of taxi is the transition to electric vehicles, and so I’m delighted to be rolling out iCabbi’s EV bundle offering in partnership with Renault M.A.I. from 2020. Leveraging this unique relationship with the OEM was one of our key objectives in seeking a strategic investor, and it’s wonderful to see this advantage now coming to fruition for our fleets.

As a practitioner, I bring experience from a long and varied career. Having been involved at a senior level with three start-ups, all of which had highly successful exits, I think it is fair to say that I have a very good grasp of the challenges faced with each stage of business evolution and how to address these challenges. It’s a subject that fascinates me.

As an educator, I have lectured in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Operations Management, Service Management, Project Management, Procurement and Sustainability at a number of universities and colleges in Ireland.

As an academic, I have completed my PhD research into early-stage company financing, specifically decision-making mechanisms. Again, this critical stage of nascent company development fascinates me.

I am a shooting sports enthusiast and have competed many times at national level, a collector of classic cars (seriously running out of storage space) and I love discussing all things motor vehicle related – and now electric vehicle-related.

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