Gavan Walsh returns to the spot where the story of iCabbi began 10 years ago!

This picture might not look like much, but 10 years to the day, I got lost in Portugal with my pregnant girlfriend whilst out walking. At this remote spot, the spark of iCabbi began. I had an idea that if I could use my phone to see taxis on a map of my new iphone and then book one by pushing a button, it would solve our problem.

Ten years on, I married this beautiful girl, I’ve got 4 amazing children, iCabbi has disrupted a lacklustre industry, we have nearly 500 customers around the world, we just completed Half a Billion Bookings on the platform, and following major investment by our great partner Group Renault, we’ve built a team of 140 people dedicated to putting taxi companies at the centre of mobility.

That moment of inspiration has positively impacted so many people around the world. I’ve a lot more grey hairs and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster with more ups and downs than will ever be even remembered, but wow, what a journey. Myself and family drove to this remote spot to take this picture. Emotional and very thought-provoking. We are now setup to succeed and the next few years are going to be epic!