Microtransit in Montreal: Taxelco Case Study

May 28, 2024

by Sarah Ryan

Have you ever thought about using your taxi fleet to offer microtransit services to your town or city? Microtransit contracts can provide a significant revenue stream for your business, often on a long term basis.

Check out this case study with Frédéric Prégent of Taxelco to find out how the microtransit model works. Learn how Fréd uses Moovex software to deliver the technology layer required and hear Fréd’s view on how Taxi companies can be at the centre of mobility in their cities.

Move AI is built on the integration of iCabbi with Moovex, including complex customisation that enables NEMT-specific capabilities. 

Move AI offers shared rides and advanced route optimization. In addition to patient transportation,  it can also be applied to other use cases such as school bus, employee shuttles and microtransit.

Want to find out more on the features of Move AI?