NEMT operator Black & White gives Move AI a BIG Thumbs Up

Jul 11, 2024

by Sinead Gillett

NEMT technology must ensure fleet efficiency and enable NEMT operators to meet broker SLAs around On-Time Performance and passenger and vehicle rules. For fleet managers like Gary Katafias of Black & White Transportation, a lot is riding on the NEMT software they entrust their operation with. So, Gary decided to test Move AI on his smaller NEMT operation first, a 7-vehicle NEMT fleet in Bowling Green, Ohio, before rolling it out to his large NEMT and paratransit fleet.

Gary tells us how Move AI works to optimize NEMT routes, the success he has had so far, and why he is now prepring to scale up his NEMT offering.

Want to find out how Move AI can help you improve performance in your NEMT operation?