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Women in Taxi Event

Mar 11, 2024

by Sinead Gillett

Ladies, Remove your Masks! OK, so it turns out that putting a load of women in a room and locking the doors does not inevitably lead to that scene from The Witches. No one peeled their skin off and no one was turned into a mouse. Although, now that I think of it, does anyone know where Azmat Sherwani is?

But there was a different type of power at play. Women recognising and celebrating women and sharing their experience and insight.

I had the great privilege of hosting the inaugural iCabbi Women in Taxi event on the 8th March at Cloud 23, Manchester. During my time at iCabbi I have encountered many individuals who I admire for their tenacity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and talent. And guess what, many of them are women 🙂 I’ve wanted to do an event like this for some time, but it was a spark from a customer that finally set it in motion. She mentioned to her Customer Success manager that she sometimes feels isolated in the industry and has experienced preconceived biases. This from a woman who is successfully running her taxi fleet by bringing new ideas to the business and entering new verticals. We thought, are there other women like her who should be recognized for how well they are doing and celebrated for the example they are setting for others? Lots of names came to mind and so it became very clear that we should be doing more to bring these leaders together as a community. Doing it on a Friday afternoon with lovely food and lots of wine was a no-brainer too….

Our day was a great success, and that was down to the sum of all its parts – Every single woman who attended and contributed in her own unique way to the day.

❤️ Thank you to you all.

Women in Taxi | Photo Reel

Women in Taxi | Interviews