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We create consolidated technology solutions that work

Fostar, Inc. is a full service phone and internet carrier agent.   We simplify the process of working with providers by providing experience and expert information to taxi cab owners so they can have the confidence that their most precious asset, their phone numbers, are in good hands.

We have been in the taxi cab industry for more than 15 years and worked with the iCabbi solution for over 3 years so we know what is expected and what is required for success.

  • Assessment: Access, analyze and develop a technology solution to match your business goals and values.
  • Cloud Services: Scalable, fast & secure. Simplify your business and create a cloud services plan that fits your needs.
  • Data Services: Streamlined, reliable & cost-effective. Internet connectivity solutions built to suit your needs.
  • Voice Services: Collaborative, flexible & accessible. Voice & conferencing solutions that make every dial simple.
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