Passengers paying by card without drivers being in control

“Don’t leave your drivers in control of in-car card payments “
Airpay offers your passengers a truly seamless in car payment solution with every booking made by phone or IVR without relying on card terminals or having drivers to offer it. Airpay automatically distributes card payments daily to drivers prepaid Mastercards removing any manually work for the fleets whilst removing the fleets from holding onto the drivers money. 
Those Fleets who do have card terminals or existing SMS pay, Drivers are in control of whether they offer it to passengers or not AirPay solves a number of problems that modern day fleets experience such as in-car card payments, distributing drivers card payments, distancing fleets from drivers, card fraud and increasing booking automation.
  • We offer: Fast driver reconciliation of payment
  • Secure card payment: Pay drivers the following day into a prepaid mastercard or designated bank account.
  • No input needed from driver : Automate all card & account payments to drivers seamlessly. Distance your fleet from holding driver funds.
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