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Since the birth of taxis and the Private Hire industry you have moved thousands of passenger related items daily, but through Covid-19 these journey habits have changed forever. What Caboodleit provides is your very own white label delivery app, fully integrated with the iCabbi Booking and Dispatch System. Over the past five years, we have seen Transnational Corporations (TNC’s) such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, JustEat, FoodHub and now Stuart, chipping away at the traditional job count of every fleet, so it is now time to take a stand against the “big boys”, protect your territory and take back what was once yours.

Caboodleit offers you the opportunity to grow your business through job count and commission taken from the basket total, while staying more than competitive against the TNC’s and supporting local businesses. The delivery and courier service in the UK alone is worth billions; within just four weeks you can be a part of it, from agreeing the contract to going live, we look after everything for you including brand design, website, legals, marketing guidelines and templates. During 2020 the delivery and courier business in the UK was worth £13.5bn* rising to an estimated £23.5bn** by 2024, with the taxi market at £6.4bn*** in 2020. Although Covid-19 affected these figures this is a significant market to be involved with. Caboodleit’s partnership with iCabbi provides an opportunity to literally take a piece of the pie, growing your revenue streams at the same time. This is not just a UK platform and can be distributed globally on the back of an iCabbi system.


Paul Gosney, Business Development Director at Caboodleit said “this is not just about the delivery of takeaway and restaurant food, it is much bigger than that with delivery of convenience, retail and more…one of the biggest sellers on the platform is Vape…who would have thought that but it is just one of the products that the industry has carried in its vehicles for many years, I’d recommend anyone wanting to protect and grow their market by contacting one of the team for further information…”

Since Caboodleit’s launch, fleets have gone live in 12 UK regions (with another 7 to come on board) seeing an increased demand for the door-to-door service in less than 30 minutes from the point of ordering. iCabbi’s unique network and coverage enables this app to be available nationwide. Since go live there have been over 200,000 deliveries completed, £5m spent in local economies and over £1.5m of delivery fees direct into driver’s pockets. An early adopter of the Caboodleit platform, Sunny Singh from Peterborough Cars, said “Using the Caboodleit platform and white labelling our own app under the brand of Peterborough Grab has demonstrated a significant increase in our weekly work, technically providing our biggest single account customer. We look forward to future developments and growth working closely with the Caboodleit team.”

Why should you create a local delivery brand using Caboodlit

  • Increase the job count for your fleet
  • Earn more revenue from drivers/bookings
  • Create a new stream (commission on orders)
  • Drive fleet efficiency through diversified activities
  • Enhance customer engagement + loyalty
  • Fight back against multinationals taking your market share
  • Provide a local service for local people, whilst contributing to the local economy and business community

So what are you waiting for? Get your local delivery service up and running before someone else does!

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