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Mobile Ethnography App and Customer Experience Platform

Indeemo’s Mobile Ethnography App and Customer Experience Platform enables Researchers, Designers & Brands like these capture in context, in-the-moment behaviors and experiences that help them better understand their customers.

We provide Researchers, Designers, Insights Teams and Brands with an agile, Mobile Ethnography and Customer Experience platform that supplements their research requirements at every phase of their Innovation Journey.

After supporting thousands of projects, we have identified 8 phases of this Innovation Journey where augmenting your existing research with Mobile Ethnography can deliver more impactful results.

  • Discover: Capture authentic, in-context, in the moment behaviours, feelings and attitudes using Autoethnography and Mobile Diary Studies.
  • Supplement: Add an extra layer of contextual data to your Focus Groups and In-Depth interviews with Pre-tasking or Pre-work assignments.
  • Enrich: Get under the skin of your Target Audience and bring your Surveys and Segmentations to life with a ‘week in the life’ Video Diary Study.
  • Design: Drowning in data and metrics but still don’t know the real user? In-the-moment Contextual Diary Studies can bring your user to life.
  • Test: Make your Concept Testing, Ad Testing and Product Testing / IHUTs more agile by capturing in-the-moment video feedback.
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