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Unique taxi sign that brings loads of new, smart features to your taxi

The iToplight is a unique taxi sign that brings loads of new, smart features to your taxi. Instead of just indicating that the vehicle is a taxi the iToplight opens a new communication channel to your existing customers, potential customers and the public. By showing the status of the taxi in clear text, highlighted with color, it becomes clearer than ever which status your taxi has, also for tourists. When approaching waiting customers, you can show the booking number or even the names to help them find the right car. And by showing current fares before the customer gets in you reduce the risk for arguments later on. With iToplights your fleet can also show public information or earn extra revenue by showing advertisements.

Choose among three different models, all with outstanding Swedish quality and design. They can be attached on top of any car by using fixings from Pointguard, magnetic or mechanic.

The iToplight can be controlled by the taximeter or from Pointguard’s Android/iOS app. Integration with the iCabbi dispatch system (in progress) will give a fully automatic system.

iToplight – Join the smart taxi revolution!

  • Stand out from the crowd: make customers choose your taxis instead of the competition
  • Perfect for both locals and tourists: Clear status messages in multiple languages
  • Show pricing/fares: less risk for arguments later on
  • Better customer service: show booking number and/or name on screen to aid customers
  • Show if it’s card or cash only: avoid customers that have problems paying
  • Earn from your sign: show ads to earn extra revenue
  • Dedicated team: we’re totally focused on taxi roof signs
  • Swedish design and quality: buy a product that lasts
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