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A taxi just one Riide away - Book a journey in just a few clicks

Riide Ltd is an alliance of large UK private hire and taxi operators who have come together to develop a global app designed to make the booking of everyday taxis to local operators seamless regardless of which city you are in.

The riide app works with the support of partner firms across the world to provide service with the use of just one app wherever you are. All the knowledge, innovation and experience of years in the private hire and taxi sector, at your service. We are sure we will become the number one choice because of ease of use; riide allows you to book a journey in just a few clicks.

You can be safe in the knowledge you are dealing with local established companies wherever that may be but through one contact point which is the riide app and network.


Available anywhere: The app can be used in any city in the world where there is a riide partner

Choose your network: The operator can choose who they network with within their own city

Availability: The app is available on IOS, Android, Windows mobile and Windows desktop

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