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Online Rota Software - Arrange time-off and find cover quickly

The original idea for RotaCloud was inspired by our own experiences working with staff rotas. Developed in the heart of Yorkshire, our aim was to craft a straightforward, user-friendly way for businesses to create sophisticated rotas and manage their employees – it is this ethos that continues to drive RotaCloud forward today.

Our clients use RotaCloud to take the stress out of managing staff rotas. From care homes to dental practices, restaurants to hotels, RotaCloud is all-embracing and has a wide range of features to suit your staff management needs.

Organise your employees by assigning roles and groups, and send email notifications to keep them up-to-date. Arrange time-off and find cover quickly and easily with our annual leave and unavailability tools.

  • Plan your rota: In minutes so you can get back to the important things
  • Stay in control: With staff logins and flexible user permissions
  • Easily: Keep everything in one place, communicate with staff, and find replacements quickly
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