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Transit is the app of choice for getting from a to b in more than 200 cities worldwide. Our users are mostly car-free, and sometimes they need four wheels and a trunk. That’s where you come in. Work with us to make sure Transit users can get everywhere they need to go. You’ll find riders ready to discover and book your service in no time.

  • Simple and reliable: Get listed alongside nearby transit routes and other shared mobility options, like bikeshare, as soon as a rider opens the app.
  • Multimodal trip planner: In addition to suggesting taxi-only trips, we also offer trip plans so users can take a taxi for part of the way whenever the transit station is too far away. Make sure your service is front-and-centre.
  • A widely-adopted platform: Make your service discoverable to users travelling outside their own city.
  • Simple booking: We’ll link customers directly to your app when they’re ready to ride.
  • Custom design: See your logo and colors integrated seamlessly into the app.
  • Customer experience: Special promotions to get to know your service without leaving the app.
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