Gavan Walsh
CEO & Founder

Ten years ago I got lost in Portugal with my pregnant girlfriend whilst out walking. This is where the spark of iCabbi began. I had the idea that if I could use my new iPhone to see taxis on a map and then book one by pushing a button, it would solve our problem.

Ten years on, I’m married to that beautiful girl, I’ve got 4 amazing children, iCabbi has disrupted a lackluster taxi industry, we have over 100,000 taxis using our software around the world, we’ve blasted past the Half a Billion bookings mark on the platform, and following major investment by partner Group Renault, we’ve built a team of 160 people dedicated to putting taxi companies at the centre of mobility.  That moment of inspiration has positively impacted so many taxi companies around the world. I have a lot more grey hairs and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster with more ups and downs than I can count, but wow what a journey.

What I’ve learned is that collaboration is key. We’ve developed the iCabbi Taxi 360 Platform through ongoing consultation with our customers and I would argue that our business is built on relationships as much as it is technology. It’s about all of us – the iCabbi team, our customers and partners – working together to ensure that the taxi industry not only survives but thrives in today’s mobility age. And I’ve every confidence it will.

One of my primary objectives as CEO is to ensure we’ve got the skills, talent and most of all passion to lead the taxi industry to success and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. Another key objective relates back to one of my own core skills and that’s entrepreneurship. This has been a pursuit of mine from early childhood, bringing equal measures of success and failure, but always with a lesson well learned!  Creatively dealing with the constant challenges that come with building a business, and supporting our customers to navigate change, is where I add most value. There are huge opportunities for taxi fleets right now and I’m determined that iCabbi will continue to innovate, to be agile and think differently to ensure our customers succeed. 


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