It has all changed for Kyle Summers. 

Back in 2014, Alexandria Yellow Cab was under massive pressure from the Ridehailers and he was running out of hope . The majority of his customers called for a cab back then so his taxi business was really a noisy call centre that needed a lot of call agents and money to run. So much waiting around, for the phone to be answered, for drivers to arrive, or for his hardware heavy technology Partner to give him something, anything that would help him make a change to be more competitive. More and more of his customers were off tapping on Uber’s magic Red Button, no wonder his drivers were pissed off. In his world the “t’ in Taxi stood for Tension. 

Kyle isn’t one for sitting on his hands

He discovered iCabbi online in 2014, and took our second “no we are not ready” to him as an invitation to come over with his business partner Spencer Kimball to Dublin to make their case. With us onboard he finally had a platform that he could use to optimize and automate his taxi business, and make his call centre , back office, driver and passenger operations run better. By better I mean a 700k drop in operating costs,  higher ratings from happier customers, less kerb waiting time and dead mileage, and way more medical and corporate contracts to keep drivers busy. Better meant bigger as well, consolidation saw Alexandria Yellow became part of the Old Dominion Transportation Group. Kyle liked what we did so much he told his friends, who then told their friends and in time our presence in North America grew. We had our influencer before instagram made that uncool. For a time he was also a reseller and later ran our North American operations before going back to manage operations for the 9 fleets in ODTG.

To me though Kyle is an “iCabbi Missionary”. He epitomises the idea of a great Customer Advocate. He is out there spreading the word of what is possible and he is happy to share his own Analog to Digital Taxi Transformation story. You will find him in his iCabbi Facebook user group giving out advice and insights to new iCabbi users as his alter ego Pyle Autumn, or on an iCabbi demo helping us show fleets what he has done to his business processes with our APIs and his favourite tool Integromat.

He feels in control now so it’s all about growth from here. In this Fleet Beat he talks to me about how his business is progressing, and that he is back to moving forward with hope. People are back using taxis again on his patch, and for those that still want to call in, well his iCabbi Voice+ Bot will look after those conversations.

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