We’re all buzzing about Voice+ in iCabbi right now! Why? Well, mostly because our customers are. Voice+ advanced IVR for taxi bookings allows voice input for pick-up locations…in other words, passengers can now speak the address of the  place they want to be collected from. Before, they would be given touch key options for their previous 3 pick-ups locations. If they were somewhere else they would be transferred to the call operator. Now, these new locations can be handled by Voice+, meaning they don’t need to be redirected to a live operator, meaning the call is fully automated, meaning the fleet needs fewer people manning the phones, meaning they can either reduce their wage bill or deploy staff members to focus on other areas of the business such as customer service or business development. 

Customers who have upgraded to Voice+ are recording huge jumps in their automation, and are enjoying many positive impacts on their businesses off the back of that. But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out these Voice+ success stories and hear what our customers have to say. 

1. Yellow Cab Edmonton – Voice+ Success
2. Drive, Hull & Doncaster – Voice+ Success
Increase in Automation by Drive
Drive – Chris Hall

3. Go Cars, Luton – Voice+ Success
Increase in Automation by Go Cars
Tyler Pickford, Go Cars

4. United Taxis, Bournemouth – Voice+ Success
Increase in Automation by united Taxis
United Taxis – Chris Barmby

5. Tele Taxis, Dundee
6. Kyle Summers, Voice+ Success

Kyle Summers has recently switched a number of his taxi fleets from his previous IVR provider over to Voice+. Find out the additional benefits he is now experiencing and why he is planning on moving more fleets over.

7. Wellman Cars, Voice+ Success

Customer service is at the heart of how Wellman Cars service their local community with taxis. So, when they started using Voice+ advanced IVR to automate more of their call bookings, what do you think they did with the extra time this gave to their operators? Plugged it back into customer service, of course! Find out how Clare and her team are using Voice+ here.