Next Generation

The world’s most powerful dispatch technology

Drive automation, efficiency, growth and profitability in your company with iCabbi’s complete taxi platform.
Be our next customer success story.

Next Generation

The world’s most powerful dispatch technology

Drive automation, efficiency, growth and profitability in your company with iCabbi’s complete taxi platform.
Be our next customer success story.

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Own your local market by using world-class technology

iCabbi’s fully-integrated taxi dispatch platform gives you all the tools you need to successfully operate your taxi company in today’s competitive transport landscape. Delight your passengers with market-leading booking solutions, intelligently match supply and demand with our highly-customisable dispatch engine, and attract and retain drivers with an app designed to optimise their earnings.

Delight your passengers with a white-lable app to rival any of the global players. iCabbi’s passenger app delivers the ultimate in user experience, with a clean and simple design, intuitive and engaging booking flows, and fast, secure payment options. Generate more app trips and driver earnings and reduce Customer no shows and cancellations.

Dramatically reduce your call-centre overheads and improve customer service by automating inbound and outbound calls. iCabbi Voice offers a sophisticated iVR and phone booking solution that will divert calls away from your live operators. Take your automation even further with Voice+, which enables automation by allowing intelligent voice recognition for new pick-up destinations.

Win more account work and automate business bookings and administration with iCabbi’s stylish, user-managed business solution. Your corporate, government and contract customers get more control over their taxi account , while you benefit from automating a revenue channel for your taxi company that traditionally requires a lot of back-office support. It’s a win-win!

Run your taxi business with the most reliable, intelligent and customisable taxi dispatch solution on the market. Offering 99.999% up-time, over 1000 real-time configurations and smart tools and workflows that allow you to effectively manage your supply and demand, iCabbi Dispatch will be both the brain and the heart of your taxi operation.

Attract and Retain drivers with a stylish new iOS & Android App designed to help them maximise and manage their earnings. The iCabbi Driver App is continuously upgraded to introduce new features and enhancements that help your drivers work better. Make their job as simple and safe as possible, and optimise their trips so that they make more money, in less time!

Reduce the escalating administrative burden of credit card processing and fraud dispute management with the first-ever custom-built payment solution for the taxi industry. Digital payments are on the rise, and we’re here to help you manage this every step of the way. The iCabbi Payment Console will be a gamechanger for your back-office operation.

Streamline all your back-end administration processes to gain operational efficiencies for your taxi company. Here you can store and manage all of your passenger, driver, vehicle and business records, configure pricing including fixed fares and tariffs, and set up your zone profiles. Highly configurable, reliable with updates in real time.

Build your own value-add solutions or integrate with selected third-party partners to meet the specific needs of your taxi operation and grow your business. The open iCabbi API allows you to accept trips from aggregators to increase your demand, and to integrate with tech solutions that can streamline local compliance and administrative requirements.

Next Generation

Our goal is to help you automate, optimise and grow your business by providing leading-edge technology that sets you apart from the competition. We’re continuously developing the platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible and drive success for our customers.

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“iCabbi have had such a positive impact on the UK private Hire industry. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other fleets. They have built the best system in the market, it’s transformational, the team is great and it is really making my taxi business better.”

Chris Hall
Drive, Hull, UK

Before we went to voice+ our automation was around 55% with Voice+  we managed to push ourselves at 75% level. With automation in our call centre we definitely reduced 45% of our staff. It’s a big gate, it allows us to compete, to keep our cost down, it allows us to not push our costs to drivers,  making us more competitive.

Roman Gomon
Yellow Cab, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada