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Voice + Customer Success Stories: How fleets are benefiting from advanced IVR

We’re all buzzing about Voice+ in iCabbi right now! Why? Well, mostly because our customers are. Voice+ advanced IVR for taxi bookings allows voice input for pick-up locations…in other words, passengers can now speak the address of the  place they want to be collected from. Before, they would be given touch key options for their previous 3 pick-ups locations. If … Continue Reading »

Kyle Summers | iCabbi Fleet Beat

It has all changed for Kyle Summers.  Back in 2014, Alexandria Yellow Cab was under massive pressure from the Ridehailers and he was running out of hope . The majority of his customers called for a cab back then so his taxi business was really a noisy call centre that needed a lot of call … Continue Reading »

Driver Recruitment Panel Discussion

Driver recruitment has become a problem for taxi companies in the Covid-19 recovery period. On average, driver numbers for taxi fleets are still down about 20% on pre-Covid numbers. Some taxi drivers are reluctant to return to work, and while naturally there is a degree of turnover in any fleet, many taxi companies are struggling … Continue Reading »

Strategies for post COVID-19 Taxi Success | iCabbi

How to re-Grow Your Taxi Business with Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 Recovery Period

Are you a taxi company looking to increase your business through digital marketing? If not then you should be! Investment – both in terms of time and financial spend – is more important than ever in the Coronavirus recovery period. It’s time to reactivate your existing passenger base and target new markets that may have … Continue Reading »

Software for Taxi Business |19 Solutions for Your Business | iCabbi

It’s one thing knowing lots about the taxi industry, taxi drivers and the needs and wants of taxi passengers. It’s another thing knowing how to run an efficient business. If you own or manage a taxi fleet you’ll know that you need both to succeed. In this article, we’re going to focus on the latter. … Continue Reading »