iCabbi customers are enjoying huge leaps in automation right now – and it’s all down to the newly released Voice+ Product. It’s an upgrade to the Voice IVR & Phone Solution that allows you to automate calls for new pick up locations using intelligent voice recognition input, not only that but giving you much more control over your availability to service work including driver availability, bookings currently awaiting dispatch, traffic light control and dynamic ETAs. Voice+ is allowing you to give the customer a better overall customer experience whilst automatically scaling your bookings ensuring you no longer over book. 

Historically the Core IVR within iCabbi Voice allows a passenger to book from 3 historical pick-up locations (i.e. “If you would like to book a taxi, press 1 for Big Ben, press 2 for London Eye, press 3 for Buckingham Palace or press 0 to speak to an Operator”)
Now, with the introduction of Voice+ your passenger will be offered to speak a custom pick up location without the need to speak to a live Operator (i.e.“Please clearly tell me your pickup address including the area”). Your passenger will speak their answer and the booking is made. Previously any new pick-up locations would have resulted in the call being transferred to a live Operator, these can now be handled entirely within Voice+. Less people required to answer means significant cost-savings for fleets. 

One of the great benefits of the Voice+ Product is the fact that it is self-managed and entirely customisable. We are giving our customers full control to create their own call experience all done through a call flow so you can see the end to end journey. This means you can make real time changes to your scripts and flows and tweak them to whatever works for your business at a given time. You can choose to turn different settings on or off, and can edit what Voice+ says to passengers when they call in. This means you can route even more calls into Voice+ and give a different call experience depending on their requirements.

An area that seems to divide customers is the requirement to take a destination on your bookings, some fleets must take a destination for customers. With Voice+ destinations are now possible. This works the same as the voice input for pick-up except the passenger is also asked to speak the address of where they are looking to go. In addition we are also able to use your existing iCabbi address database and use zones / areas for drop offs. Since i get a lot of questions from customers on this, I thought it would be useful to share the pros and cons of the feature and my recommendation for deciding how you should use it. 

The Pros

  • Fleets who have to take a destination have never previously been able to gain automation through Voice which meant that more live Operators were required to answer all calls into the business. Now these fleets can benefit from huge leaps in automation. 
  • Drivers are provided with the customers drop off destination before pickup
  • Dispatch have a clearer picture of driver availability 
  • Passengers can be provided with a fixed or approximate fare

The Cons

  • The booking process is longer to complete. Adding a destination will approximately increase the call time by approximately 30 seconds.
  • The driver can update their own destination as they did when using the standard IVR
  • Uptake % is not as high as when destination is not enabled
  • Customers don’t always know their final destination (some can direct a driver to a location but may not know the address)


  • Understand what it is you want to achieve. Is automation your primary goal? If so then you probably want to make the passenger experience as quick and easy as possible. Maybe knowing the destination is critical for how you run your fleet, in which case you may be willing to concede some of the call drop offs that will occur if you make voice input for destination mandatory. 
  • Agree on what booking fields are a must on every booking, is an exact destination required? Or would an area be sufficient?
  • Is a destination required 100% of the time? Is it possible that during specific times or days that destination may not be required? This means that when taking a destination you can advise customers due to the peak period we require a destination on all bookings. During quieter times you can simply turn off destinations. 
  • Can a customer skip the option if required? You could offer destination input to a customer but give them the option to skip that step if in a rush?
  • Be willing to test. One of the key benefits of Voice+ is the fact that it is completely self-managed and highly customisable. So, you’ll be able to try out different flows at different times and measure your results. You’ll then be able to read the data to help you decide what is best for your fleet. 

Want to upgrade to Voice+? 

Contact the Voice team https://icabbi.com/products/voice/